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How Amazon Could Rule This Industry - Part 2

Amazon kitchen sales

Recently, we addressed a futuristic view of the world of kitchen sales. Sometimes examples help ground us in the reality of a possibility.

Brand, Identity and Logo - What's the Difference – Part 2

Brand identity logo dirty dancing

Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to brush up on your understanding of brand and how it defines and affects your company through every element of your business.  In Part 2, we will dip our toes into "identity" and “logo,” which are commonly mistaken for "brand."


Economists Suggest Borrowing Big in Preparation for Upswing

Help hiring

Have you been whittled down to a skeleton crew throughout the last five years or so?  Some sources, such as economist Brian Beaulieu, say now is the time to splurge in preparation for an economic upswing to 2017.

How Amazon Could Rule This Industry

Online shopping

So, the big boxes haven’t figured out how to retail online... I mean, their sites are a mess, their searches bring you more trash than treasure, and they certainly don’t innovate when it comes to e-commerce.

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It's Not Me, It's You - When Business Relationships Go Sour

Heart shoppers

There are a few key elements you’ll find in most successful long-term relationships - great communication, trust and commitment.  This goes for business relationships just as much as it does for personal. 

How to Make Everyone Your Customer

Company blog

As a business owner, you probably look at data from time to time - for instance, which cabinet lines are performing well and the typical sales cycle for closing a remodeling project.  Owners and management can have lots of useful data at their fingertips based on past sales, but most don't have data for non-customers (which would be extremely helpful information to have).

3 Things that Irritate Job Seekers

Hiring annoyances

Bringing on new employees can be an expensive task to undertake - especially considering the hidden costs of hiring - so you want to make sure that you get the best candidate possible. But what if, in your efforts to find the perfect fit, you’re actually turning away good candidates?


7 Ways to Be a Better Leader

Be a better leader boss

Being in a leadership position can be tough, whether it’s as the owner of a small business, the head of a department, or simply running a household. As leaders, we try to do our best - but sometimes we get too set in our ways and need something to help us pick up our game. Here are some helpful tips:

Our SCARIEST Posts - In Honor of Halloween

scary stuff dude

On any other day, seeing zombies, ghosts, goblins, Miley Cyrus and Walter White/ Heisenberg impersonators walking down the street could be a scary thing (or maybe that’s normal in your neighborhood); but today is different. 

Five Metrics Needed for Kitchen Quoting - a Visual Graphic

5 metrics needed for quoting kitchens

Quoting kitchens can be complicated if you don’t have all the necessary information in front of you.  What is important to your shop when you quote?

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